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Comodo Antivirus Plus 4.0 Features

Default Deny Protection
The days of innocence and opening the door to everyone is gone for the internet age. You no longer know what is good or what can be trusted - the security model of trust everything will no longer keep you safe. The security model of chasing the bad guys with hopes that you can catch them on internet will no longer keep you safe.

The traditional Antivirus model allows unknown files to penetrate your computer. This model is built based on the Default Allow technology.

But unknown is dangerous. Why? Because no Antivirus product can recognize ALL bad files out there. So, what happens when you get an unknown application? The answer is: Anything! Are you prepared to take that risk with conventional Antivirus solution which works with "Default Allow"? It's time to work with Default Deny.

Comodo Internet Security turns this failing strategy on its head by implementing the world's strongest Default Deny model. In the default deny model you deny anything that is not good or unknown. So only good will run on your computer, everything else will be denied access.

Default Deny is a new paradigm in the way we protect ourselves. We now realize the dangers of running unknown applications, so we have to be more careful, just like we realize the dangers of letting people we don't know into our homes.
Auto Sandbox Technology

But Default Deny technology could be very chatty - it may ask you what you should be doing with the file it doesn't recognize here and there. Yes, it is true that it will stop every unknown application on its track, but what happens when you really want to run an application that is unknown to many? That's where Comodo's patent pending Auto Sandbox Technology comes into equation. Comodo created a technological "Sandbox" where an unknown application can run in an isolated environment, by default, but without having the ability to cause any damage to your computer.

Comodo offers you best of both worlds, still allowing you to actually run an unknown application while still being very secure. And that's Comodo Innovation.

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