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How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

If you are a blogger then you know just how important it is to take your blog to the next level time and time again. When it comes to blogging everybody is out there trying to get the top spots in Google and the other search engines and that is why you need to watch what you are doing and plan each move accordingly.

What do you do great? – If you don’t know what you do great then you need to figure it out. Most bloggers have something they do good and other things they do great, you need to know what you do great and expand that on your blog.

Where do readers comment – If your readers are always commenting on posts about a certain topic then you should write more articles on that topic. Not every reader will comment and most of the time you will have a hard time telling which articles are best, but give it a shot and see what you can come up with.

Better blog design – If you have seen this site over the years then you know that it has had many different designs, it is all for my readers. The reason you want to have a better blog design is so your readers can flow through your site with ease and also locate anything they need.

What do your stats say – Do you know what your blog stats say? How many visitors do you get from certain places? Are you not holding your visitors on your site long enough? These are things that your blog stats will tell you if you just take a look at them. It is nice to see these because it lets you know where you can improve.

What else can you do – Are there areas of your blog that have been untapped? Do you write about certain topics and stay away from subtopics (Example: Write about importance of link building but give no articles on steps to follow)? It is important to cover all bases that way you can reach a larger audience

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