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Blogs And Money Online

Blogs are a common thing to many people. They use the blog to share their opinion, to share about their life and many people also use blog to get an income.
Let say now, you have a blog and u already has many people read your blog every day. Did you ever think to also get money from your blog and might be after that you can also have a passive income from it?
And if your answer is yes, do you know how to turn your blog become a money machine that can work for you automatically?
There 3 tips that I can share with you.
1. Sell Advertising
If your blog happen to become a well-known blogs, you can use the space from your blogs to put some advertisement from Google Ads blog Ads. Many marketers get a very steady income only from advertisement. They put many advertisement for other company, and they put it into their blog, so when the people come and read their blog, and click on that advertisement, they will get commissions.
2. Help sell other person products.
We called it with “Affiliate” which is we use another person product, we promote and we got commission on it. But where can we get the product? Now, Many websites offers to become affiliation like, clickbank etc. And how much money that you can get it for commissions. It is really depend on the agreement and term from the website. Every website they have different condition to get commissions.
3. Bussiness Blogs writing Opportunities.
Because the number of people that using blogs increase, so now many people offering their service to write an article or content for blogs. Many companies using their internal staff to do that, but many of them also outsource it. To make less work for them.

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