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Category:Windows Utilities
Subcategory:Windows Registry
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Languages :  O.S.w2000 wXP vista

There are many people who still do not know what exactly is the Windows Registry, and what is worse, do not know what that is very important for the proper functioning of all programs installed on your computer.So if the Register is optimized so little impact on stability throughout the computer, because in the end there is any information concerning everything that is installed and how it is configured.

In order to optimize the Register is Argente Registry Cleaner, a free tool and in Spanish, which is responsible for scanning the depth Registration trying to locate all potential errors that disrupt their use and repair those obsolete entries that cause poor performance of certain programs or directly malfunction.

Among the various actions that are performed Argente Registry Cleaner: detect references invalid because it has already gone to the program that aimed to update the hardware drivers, removing invalid shortcuts, files & ActiveX COM invalid, system applications, files aid, warnings, Windows firewall, optimize common data between various programs for more efficiency in its use file extensions, fountains, histories, Windows Start, access routes, system services, software installed wrong, and so on. Download

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