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Top Facebook, Google’s version of the Top 1000

Though under heavy criticism lately associated system user privacy, Facebook was even more formidable in the virtual domain.
According to data released by Google’s web traffic, Friday, May 28, 2010, the world’s largest social networking is now visited by 540 million people per month, or more than 35 percent of the population of Internet users.According to Google Ad Planner global data provided by Double Click, about 570 billion pages on

The number was eight times higher than, now in second position. According to Google, just received 490 million visitors per month.However, perhaps to maintain objectivity, the Google-owned company, does not include the Google ranking as well as two other Google products:
YouTube and Gmail, into the list.After Facebook and Yahoo, from Microsoft came in third place with 370 million unique visitors and 39 billion page views. Then, followed by Wikipedia,,,,,, and
From the figures obtained, showing that Facebook is the king of social networking sites. While closest rivals, Twitter, April and pocketed 96 million unique visitors and 5.4 billion page views.
These data support the statement that claims that Facebook Facebook has not been abandoned by its members although a number of politicians, consumer groups, and advocates want a more rigorous system of protection for personal information is included in the Facebook account.
Until Friday, only 23 515 people who register on the site ‘We’re Quitting Facebook’ as one form of campaign “throw” social networking service with protests scheduled to be conducted on 31 May.
That number represents less than 0.006 percent of the 400 million-plus members of Facebook. The site launched in 2004 it was checking the privacy controls to face the barrage of criticism and denunciation as destructive beliefs that have made Facebook become the world’s largest social network.

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