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Mysterious Holes appear in Guatemala

A large hole that appeared after a tropical storm in the city of Guatemala has been scaring people. But the hole that swallowed the whole part of the crossing was interesting geologist.
The hole diameter of 20 meters and has a depth of about 30 meters. Geologists say there is a round shape indicates formation in an underground cave, but the real cause of the hole is still a mystery.
“I can cite you a geological fault and is also not the result of an earthquake,” said David Monterroso, geophysicist at the National Disaster Management Agency.
This hole is formed on the last Saturday and also had to swallow a clothing factory about two miles from the site, with the same hole on three years ago.

Residents say a miracle because there is no factory worker who died.
“They’re very lucky,” said resident named Honora Olivia. “They go home at six o’clock in the afternoon, an hour before the open layers of the earth.”
Residents said the agenda for a guard trapped in his house due to heavy rain as the storm occurred Agatha in tropical Central America.
This storm has killed at least 180 people. Residents believe that one or two people may be missing, but authorities said there were no reports of death.
The same hole in 2007 had killed three people and demolished several homes in the same area. The hole was expected due to precipitation and lower soil layers is very weak.
But too early to say that the weather is causing problems, says Monterroso is also investigating the latest incident.
The police and the army has made the guard around the hole to prevent parties that want to know and too close. Most people who live near areas that have been moved for fear of the hole will spread and destroy more homes.

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